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Fighters from all over the world train and fight out of Sit Thaharnaek Muay Thai Gym. Some fighters stay in Chiang Mai long term while others stay shorter periods or return to the gym regularly over the years. Several fighters have had their first fight experience in Thailand while staying with us. Below our currently most regular fighters are presented.

Would you like to come with us to the stadium to watch the fights? We will be happy to organise that for you! Please come by the gym or contact us here.

Pech Focus Sit Thaharnaek


Focus is 14 years old and the son of Adjarn Hua. He started training at the age of 4 and had his first fight at 6. He has over 100 fights behind him already and is fighting regularly in Bangkok at Lumpinee and Channel 7.

Nagrob Sit Thaharnaek


Nagrob is 16 years old and came to the gym at the age of 11. He then started training and fighting and has gathered an experience of over 85 fights. He is fighting on a regular basis both in and around Chiang Mai, as well as in Bangkok.

Victor Sit Thaharnaek


Vic Marco is French and came to Sit Thaharnaek for the first time in 2016. Since then he has been returning several times and now lives in Chiang Mai. He is fighting regularly in and around Chiang Mai and has gathered 15 fights so far, with a win record of 13 fights.

Filippa Sit Thaharnaek


Filippa tried muay thai for the first time three years ago at Sit Thaharnaek while travelling in Thailand. Since then she has been returning several times and now lives in Chiang Mai. She had her first fight with Sit Thaharnaek in December 2017 and has since then gathered 10 fights, winning 9 of them.

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