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Training at Sit Thaharnaek

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The Sit Thaharnaek Muay Thai Gym is run by Kru Hua and his family. Here you can train Thai boxing either in mixed level groups or private sessions. Originally from the Issan region, Kru Hua has over 500 fights and was at one point ranked number two at the Rajadamern stadium in Bangkok. Together with his trainers, he will be happy to teach you both basics as well as advanced skills in muay thai.


Sit Thaharnaek is a great gym to train in while you are on holidays in Chiang Mai or if you would like to stay longer to focus on your training and/or fight. Kru Hua trains fighters from all over the world and if you would like to fight in Chiang Mai this can be arranged from the gym. The gym is now located in Hangdong where we have a greater space than in our previous location, and beautiful running paths in the area.

We have daily training sessions twice per day Monday-Saturday, and are also happy to organise private sessions. Sundays we are closed.

The group training sessions are two hours and usually include skipping, stretching, shadow boxing/technique, speed punch, 3-4 rounds pad work, 3-4 rounds bag work/sparring, clinching, conditioning. Afternoon sessions are generally more focused on sparring and clinching.

            GROUP TRAINING


We have group trainings every day of the week except from Sundays. The sessions are mixed level and our trainers are great in adapting to the level of each student, from beginner to professional fighter.

Morning training 9-11

Afternoon training 16-18

(Sundays closed)

One session: 400 THB

One day (2 sessions): 700 THB

One week (2 sessions/day): 2200 THB

One month (2 sessions/day): 8000 THB



Private sessions can be organised in between our daily group sessions. Students of any level may benefit from one-to-one training with our experienced trainers to focus on any specific technique of your choice and to get a thorough work-out.

Private sessions can be scheduled Monday-Saturday between 11-16, as well as between 18-20.

Private session with Adjarn Hua: 900 THB/hour

Private session with trainer/Kru: 700 THB/hour

            PRIVATE GROUPS


If you come to the gym as a larger group, we appreciate if you get in touch with us in advance. We are happy to arrange private group trainings, or where possible integrating your group with our daily group sessions.

You can contact us here!

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