Our trainers are happy to work with students of any level, from the professional fighter to the beginner trying muay thai for the first time. They all have many years of experience from training, fighting and teaching muay thai. While our daily group sessions are mixed level, our trainers make sure to adapt the training to the specific level of each student.

Adjarn Hua (Thaharnaek Chumpaetour)


Originally from the Issan region, Adjarn Hua started training muay thai at the age of 11, and has a record of over 500 fights. At the peak of his fighter career he was ranked number two at the Rajadamern stadium in Bangkok. After having worked as a trainer in Lamphun for several years, he opened the gym in 2011 and runs it together with his wife and family.

 Kru Tham (Mondum Sit Thaharnaek)

Kru Tham started training muay thai at the age of 9 and was a student of Adjarn Hua for many years. He has been fighting throughout Thailand, mostly in Issan and around Chiang Mai and Lamphun, and has gathered over 300 fights. For the past few years he has been active as a trainer at Sit Thaharnaek Muay Thai gym.

Kru Tone (Kwaitanou Sit Thaharnaek)


Kru Tone comes from the Issan region and started muay thai at the age of 9. Over the years he has gathered over 400 fights throughout the country and still fights in Chiang Mai sometimes. He has worked together with Adjarn Hua as a trainer for over six years.

Kru Aun (Natthapon Sit Thaharnaek)


Kru Aun comes from Chiang Rai and started muay thai while being a student in Lamphun. After having been training and fighting for Sit Thaharnaek for about five years, he has now been active as a trainer both at Sit Thaharnaek and in China for over a year.

Kru Oh (Namkabon Sit Thaharnaek)


Kru Oh comes from Rayong and started muay thai while being a student in Lamphun. He has been with Sit Thaharnael for the past few years, first as a student and fighter, and then as a trainer. He has also worked as a trainer in China.


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